What are the Pathway Awards?

The Biliteracy Pathway Awards were established to encourage K-8 grade students to study languages and participate in activities involving bilingualism.

The Pathway Awards are meant

  • To encourage students to study world languages
  • To recognize and value biliteracy skills of all students
  • To celebrate the acquisition of sociocultural competencies
  • To prepare students for success in a global society and economy

View the Elementary Pathway Awards Flyer

Benefits to Earning the Pathway Awards

  • Recognizes students along the path towards bilingualism
  • Promotes language learning as a lifelong endeavor
  • Validates language proficiency in our English Language Development student community
  • Strengthens our language programs and aids in recruiting and retaining students
  • Demonstrates the importance of language skills in English and languages other than English

Pathway Awards Eligibility

Students enrolled in grades 1, 3, 5 and 8 who:

  • Participate in the English Language Development Program


  • Are native speakers of English studying a second language

Information provided by the MO Seal of Biliteracy Resource Guide.



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