1. Demonstrate English Language Proficiency

Students only need one standardized measure of English proficiency 
Seal of Biliteracy
Distinguished Seal of Biliteracy
English II EOC
ACT (Reading portion)1821


2. Demonstrate Proficiency in one or more languages other than English

Students only need one standardized measure of Languages Other Than English proficiency. 
CriteriaSeal of BiliteracyDistinguished Seal of Biliteracy
IB Language B Standard Level (SL)
4 or higher6 or higher
IB Language B Higher Level (HL)4 or higher5 or higher

Intermediate Mid in each domain

Advanced Low in each domain

3. Demonstrate sociocultural competence

Students will also be required to submit an essay demonstrating high levels of sociocultural competence as it relates to English and the LOTE. In this essay students will

“Describe ways in which your language skills have helped you connect to and improve your local and global community.


Describe how your language skills can help you continue to connect with and improve your local and global community in the future.”

Student work must score an average of 3.0 or greater on the Scoring Rubric when weighting four evaluators’ scores: high school site sponsors and the district coordinators will appraise the student work.  Furthermore, the candidate must submit his/her final work to the high school site sponsor. Work must be received no later than March 1 of your Senior year. 


Seal of Biliteracy 9-12 Building Sponsors